About us

The People’s Republic of China is now the world’s second largest economy and consequently has become a decisive player in the global economy.

China is Hungary’s most important foreign trade partner outside Europe. The maintenance, strengthening and expansion of bi-lateral economic relationships is a primary interest of all domestic and Chinese market actors.

Első Magyar-Kínai Kereskedőház Kft (First Hungarian Chinese Trading House Ltd), founded in 2013, wishes to participate in this important and decisive economic process.

The Trading House primarily performs the activities of integrators, agents and representatives for Hungarian companies wishing to enter the Chinese market or already present there.

Among the founders of the limited company there are Hungarian companies as well as those with a Chinese background, which have already demonstrated with their activities, business and economic achievements that trade and cooperation with China is successful.

It is also a guarantee of the fact that we have skills, experts and employees who are familiar with Chinese conditions, their legal and economic environment, thus creating safe and successful business opportunities.

With a representation contract we guarantee the sales of the products and services of several domestic companies and institutions in the Chinese market.

If you are interested in our activities and services, please be our partner, register at our website and contact our staff.


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