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Israel has one of the world’s most developed technology-based economies, which is enhanced by substantial investment and service exports.

The size of trade and economic contacts between Hungary and Israel is indicated by the turnover of close to half a billion dollars. In our country Israeli companies are present, among others, in the pharmaceutical industry, in medical sciences, in the IT and high-tech sectors and in real estate development. In Central Europe Hungary attracts the most Israeli operating capital funds.

Economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has significant potential, primarily in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, in infrastructure investments and in respect of technology transfers.

Being aware of and recognising these facts, in 2013 we established EMIK Első Magyar-Izraeli Kereskedőház Kft (First Hungarian Israeli Trading House Ltd) in Hungarian and Israeli ownership, in order to undertake a role in the development and operation of trading contacts between the two countries and their companies.

The activities of the company aim at the integration of domestic and Israeli small and medium-sized companies - on an agency and representative basis -, that can provide products, goods and services suitable for current market requirements.

Our Israeli partners, who are present in and well aware of almost every area of the consumer market, ensure the latest market demands and potential customer partners for the operation of the trading house.

If your business has products or services that you would like to sell on the Israeli market, please feel free to contact us and register at our website.


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