ATM Aqua Trade Magyarország

ATM Aqua Trade Magyarország


Hungary is not very rich in minerals, but it can pride itself on a significant quantity and excellent quality of drinking water, a large proportion of which is provided by our natural spring water and karst water base, which is rich in minerals.

Our company deals with the exploitation of this unique natural treasure concerning the utilisation of the resource founded on the abundance of this natural karst water base in Tokodaltáró. The mineral water obtained from here has been registered under the name “NÓRA”.

Even now, several settlements can consume and use the karst water as drinking or tap water, which others can buy in bottles in shops.

Our business aim is to make this excellent quality water available to even more settlements, towns and villages, at a cheaper price than that provided by the current systems which has lower quality water obtained from the Danube.

Another alternative to water utilisation is selling it in bottles. We have the legal opportunity to do this as we are already owners of the recognised and natural mineral water brand registered under the name “NÓRA”. Our market research concerning the sale of bottled mineral water and our negotiations with foreign customers are encouraging. We await approaches from trading partners in this area.